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More Than Just Numbers

Founding Partner Rochelle Chandler and partner Kristina Knowles are experts at knowing the right structures and strategies that not only help businesses and individuals prepare their tax returns but know advanced planning measures to keep their clients on the right path. “We do more than just put numbers in a box,” Chandler said. “One of […]

How to Keep My Children from Becoming a Casualty of War

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While divorce is never easy, it can be especially painful when children are pulled into the battle. Some parents will take extreme measures to ensure their children side with them against the other parent and the effects can be devastating on the children. But there are many ways parents can help lessen the impact of […]

National Signing Day 2015 Another Big Success

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Another national signing day is in the books, and once again, Guyer athletics had a stellar showing. The Wildcats had 20 signees from four sports take part in its annual recruitment ceremony on Feb. 4, the first day college football teams could officially sign 2015 freshmen. Many athletes from around the area, including those at […]

Introducing the Color of the Year!

The new color of the year…Seriously, how can it be that time again? The powers that be have made a decision that is suppose to impact every part of the world we live in for the upcoming year. The color that we will be seeing as a choice in what we wear, walk on, accessorize […]

The Whens and Whys of Trimming

February and March definitely can be considered wild-cards when it comes to trying to predict the weather. We never know if school is going to be shut down with a couple inches of ice on the ground or if it’s going to be 70 degrees and sunny. There are some things we can keep in […]

“Assisted Reproduction and Gestational Agreements: Who Knew!

The methods for having children in Texas can involve up to five people. They include an intended mother, an intended father, an egg donor, a sperm donor, and a gestational mother. Legal issues can arise when some or all of these people disagree. Assisted reproduction involves two people who wish to become parents. In Texas […]

Celebrating National Children’s Dental Month

Quite often, I find myself blessed to have someone new enter into my life, and with the anticipation of our intersecting paths drawing closer, filled with endless possibilities of harmonious endearment and lifelong devotion, I’m filled with ecstatic bliss, until I hear the words, “I hate the dentist.” No doubt, like most dentists, I have […]

Introducing Color to Your Makeup Routine

Has your daily eye makeup routine been pretty basic lately? If so, I can’t blame you. When it comes to makeup, it is easy to stick with what you know. With an abundance of choices in lipstick, liners, shadows, blushes and foundations, the term ‘overwhelmed’ becomes an understatement. And if you’re not overwhelmed, you may […]


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